“The best £75 you will ever spend! Guaranteed! The time and effort Sean puts into every individual in the group is amazing and the results are even better! The best decision I ever made, not hard work at all and so rewarding! As long as you follow you’ll see results as easy as that, you’ll also learn so much along the way!”

​Emily Morgan

“Best thing I have ever done joining Sean’s group, and moving forward will take all the knowledge with me. Sean is very honest with feedback and really knows his job, always motivational tips and advice from him and the other group members. Took a while to get my head round not worrying bout scales all time but can see how much my body has changed for the better, feeling much more confident and better in myself. Thanks sean”

​Jill O’Donnell
“Had brilliant results on the 7 week programme. Like how i didnt have to deprive myself of foods i would normally say were “off limits” when doing this kind of thing. Lots of different meal ideas and support in the group which also helps. Sean knows his stuff and if you follow as he says you will see results. “

Claire Bishop

“Sean certainly know s his stuff. If you follow you will get results. No fad diets no boring plans. After doing the plan I was in a great place physically and mentally. The results I got were amazing. If I can do it anyone can. The whole team and Sean’s mentorship certainly keeps you on track. If your struggling and can’t get motivated this is a definite for you “
Alison Mcdonagh

“Sean is very passionate about what he does, he is very honest with feedback and will not blow smoke up your backside like most PT’s do.

He is a very funny and charismatic guy and as hard as he pushes you those traits make the process easier too.

I follow a few PT’s online and NO ONE in the area is producing the results Sean does.
The transformations speak for themselves!

If you get on board with Sean, you will not be disappointed!”

Darren Weetman
“Sean is very passionate about his job and wants the best from the client. Checks Ins are vital every werk to enable Sean to give the best feedback. He wants you to get in the best postion you can but you also need to follow what is set. Would recommend Sean, Best PT around in my eyes.”
Kelly Kitchen
“Only into my third week but already feeling great and getting in shape. Great advice and guidance from Sean and the some excellent ideas for meals and tips shared in the group.”
Anthony James
“If this is something you’ve been thinking about but hesitating, just take the plunge. Sean is a fantastic coach, and a great motivator. His process WORKS. It just does. No going hungry or half killing yourself with extreme exercise. Realistic goals and techniques, designed to achieve maximum impact. Can’t recommend the Fat Loss Academy highly enough.”
Jayne Dale
“I couldn’t recommend the fat loss Academy enough. Sean told me when I first joined that this would be the best thing I would do and he wasn’t wrong! Sean is so genuine, encouraging, knows what he is talking about and actually cares about you – everything you want in a coach. My mentality towards food and excersize has changed soo much. I was terrified on my first gym session – especially doing weights as this was an unknown territory for me. Now I am so confident in lifting weights and doing it properly. It is the best money I have EVER spent on my health and well-being.”
Amy Leigh Rutherford
“I have been part of the team for 6 months now and have loved every minute. Sean is a fantastic support and knows how to get the very best from you. I’ve never felt better or more in shape than I do now and that’s down to Sean. Highly recommend anyone to join who is thinking about it.
Chantelle McLoughlin
“Sean is the best around at what he does. After trying many fad diets quick fixes etc that never worked I can honestly say this programme has changed my life. Sean’s helpful and supportive but no nonsense approach gives you the tools you need to reach your goal. My mental and physical health has vastly improved thanks to the FLA. Cannot reccomend it enough!
Claire Mulholland
“Dedicated coach and full support. I’ve enjoyed the journey so far and would definitely recommend
Emma Spires